Dr. Roslyn Fuller Managing Director Agora Media
Dr. Roslyn Fuller
Managing Director
Agora Media



When Roslyn Fuller began writing her PhD at Trinity College, Dublin, she wanted to help make international institutions more democratic.

In her ten years of research, she noticed how difficult hierarchical and opaque structures make that and how poor decision-making quality becomes when there are only a few points of control.

She discovered that disaggregated decision-making – where stakeholders are directly involved without barriers to participation – can not only help organisations make better decisions, but increase satisfaction and reduce churn.

But she also realised something else – that digital tools would make it possible for people to be involved in decision-making like never before.

Today Roslyn works at the intersection of technology and politics, using IT to unlock the potential of activists, employees and citizens and help organisations make better decisions.

She founded Agora Media to give organisations in all sectors a one-stop shop for advice and training in implementing organisational democracy.

Our Values


We work with partners where it makes sense, but we are committed to calling it as we see it and giving you the best advice for your needs. If we don’t think organisational democracy will work for you, we’ll say so.


Organisational democracy can change your project – if you let it. Organisational democracy allows you to set boundaries, but those boundaries must be respected by all. The worst thing any organisation can do is ask for feedback and then ignore it.


Your information and processes are important to us. Agora Media is committed to understanding your workflow and tailoring a process that meets your needs without compromising the need for confidentiality or command-and-control in certain areas.