If you are interested in opening up your organisation to greater participation, but don’t know how, why not book one of our workshops to familiarise yourself with the options?

While there are commonalities to all practice of organisational democracy, each workshop is tailored to the needs of a specific sector to help you get the most out of your day. If you run a trade or umbrella organisation our workshops are also a great opportunity for your members to learn about the benefits of organisational democracy, and can be tailored to fit in an annual conference or training programme.


Areas covered: Activating members, finding appropriate boundaries for volunteer and staff decision-making, community outreach, preventing donor churn 
Recommended Audience: Board Members, Fundraising and Marketing Personnel, IT 


Areas covered: The student as an active participant in university services, academic vs. administrative decisions, maturity and authority
Recommended Audience: Faculty, Student Union Representation


Areas covered: Employee enablement and motivation,  ownership and accountability, trade-offs and alternatives
Recommended Audience: Senior Management, L&D, Employee Representation


moneyGrant-Making Bodies
Areas covered: criteria-based decision-making, using digital to prepare the groundwork for a meeting, increasing efficiency and quality of decision-making, conflict management
Recommended AudienceCommittee Members of Grant-Making Bodies, Process Optimisation


peoplePolitical Bodies
This workshop deals with participatory budgeting, online feedback, and online decision-making.
Areas covered: Formulating proposals, decision-making with large numbers of participants, system security, protecting and empowering minorities, legal requirements, accountability
Recommended AudienceLocal Councillors, Community Representatives, Executive Officers


If you run a co-op, you already know the value of member decision-making. This workshop focuses on how you can use digital to optimise processes that are already in place. Some of our tools are also open-source and cooperatively developed.
Areas covered: Facilitating online decision-making, using digital to improve advocacy and member consultation
Recommended AudienceMember Development, IT, Governance and Admin


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